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We have a unique name. Story Presbyterian Church. Often times I am asked what is the meaning of our name? The answer is somewhat complex, but it always starts this way. Since the beginning of time, God has been telling the greatest Story that has ever been told: The redemption of his people and his creation from an evil villain, a tragic world, and broken rebellious hearts.

Every moment of our lives tells a story: Our greatest triumphs and joys, and our greatest sorrows and failures. And your Story matters to God. He cares about all of you, and not only does he care about you, but he offers you a place in His Story.

Because of the work of Jesus Christ, his life, death, and resurrection, God offers those who trust in him a new life, a new purpose, and a new heart. In one word, God offers us redemption. We believe redemption is the greatest need of every man, woman, and child, and by believing and following Jesus in faith, we can receive the redemption that God freely offers. And this redemption, this Jesus who offers redemption, changes things.

Jesus can take our broken hearts and mend them and make them into something beautiful. Jesus can take our rebellious hearts and give us hearts of loyalty and faithfulness. Jesus can take every bad story, and in his time, and in his way, weave all the threads together so that one day the end of every story is “happily ever after.” Jesus can redeem your story, and we believe that we can help you discover how. We’d love for you to join us.

Justin Grimm, Pastor of Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville Ohio

Our Pastor

Justin Grimm

Jesus called Justin to "follow him" when he was 17 years old and he eagerly responded. Since that time Justin has been serving Jesus and his church. In 2007 he earned a B.A. in Christian Ministry from Southwest Baptist University and in 2014 his M.Div from Covenant Theological Seminary. He has served in churches as a youth pastor, assistant pastor, and is now honored to be the  pastor of Story Presbyterian Church. In his free time Justin and his wife Amy love anything competitive, working out, and going on adventures with their daughter Charlotte Rose.

Grimm Family of Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville Ohio

Our Team

Abby of Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville Ohio

Abby Hutto

Spiritual Formation
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Story Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church of America.