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We have a unique name. Story Presbyterian Church. Often times I am asked what is the meaning of our name? The answer is somewhat complex, but it always starts this way. Since the beginning of time, God has been telling the greatest Story that has ever been told: The redemption of his people, and his creation from an evil villain, a tragic world, and broken and rebellious hearts.

Every moment of our lives tells a story: Our greatest triumphs and joys, and our greatest sorrows and failures. And your Story matters to God. He cares about all of you, and not only does he care about you, but he offers you a place in His Story.

Because of the work of Jesus Christ, his life, death, and resurrection, God offers those who trust in him a new life, a new purpose, and a new heart. In one word, God offers us redemption. We believe redemption is the greatest need of every man, woman, and child, and by believing and following Jesus in faith, we can receive the redemption that God freely offers. And this redemption, this Jesus who offers redemption, changes things.

Jesus can take our broken hearts and mend them and make them into something beautiful. Jesus can take our rebellious hearts and give us hearts of loyalty and faithfulness. Jesus can take every bad story, and in his time, and in his way, weave all the threads together so that one day the end of every story is “happily ever after.” Jesus can redeem your story, and we believe that we can help you discover how. We’d love for you to join us.

Justin Grimm, Pastor of Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville Ohio

Our Pastor

Justin Grimm

When you share a story about yourself you already know the ending and therefore have the advantage of seeing, with more clarity, the purposes of the events from the past. At 18, when Justin believes God called him into ministry, he had no idea what that would look like. But he stepped forward in faithfulness to God, changed what college he was going to go to at the last minute, and began praying to see where God might use him.

Throughout college, God brought friends and mentors into his life who dreamed big with Justin. God put a desire on Justin’s heart to shepherd his people as a pastor of a church one day. So with excitement to equip himself for God's call, Justin sought to learn leadership, counseling, preaching, and teaching skills while getting his undergraduate degree in Christian ministries at Southwest Baptist University.

Grimm Family of Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville Ohio

Over the next 14 years, Justin served in ministry, practicing what he learned and allowing himself to come under the care of mentors who had come before him in the care of God's people. In the midst of that time, God asked him to go back to school and Justin eagerly said yes (He loves school, you see)! The time at Covenant Theological Seminary was spent learning the biblical languages, counseling, preaching, biblical interpretation and much more. God used that time to richly pour into Justin; he graduated with a Masters of Divinity and a desire to not only shepherd God's people but to plant a church one day.

The process to plant a church in the PCA is not simple and painless, and for that the Grimms are thankful. The process of being interviewed and examined helped to refine Justin’s vision for planting a church one day. God used people throughout the process to speak encouragement to Justin that God did indeed call him into ministry and church planting. This process also brought the Grimms away from St. Louis to Westerville. It was during this time Justin and Amy first began to know the people of Westerville and love this city.

17-year-old Justin couldn’t have dreamed how the story would unfold, but God knew and has had his hand on Justin’s life. No one can know what is coming next, but being faithful to God's call is Justin and Amy’s desire, believing God is Directing for His purpose, each of Justin’s next steps.

Justin and Amy are proud parents of Charlotte (Charli) and their two “first kids”, their dogs Hawk and Stella.

Our Team

Libby of Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville Ohio

Libby Ohler

Kids Ministry
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Abby of Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville Ohio

Abby Hutto

Spiritual Formations
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Story Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church of America.