Story Groups

Why should I join a Story Group?

We all have a desire to belong to a community. One of the main ways to really plug into Story is to attend one of our small group classes. We will offer classes over the course of 8 weeks throughout the semester, and childcare will be provided!

His Story

"Everyone has a story" is a true statement. When we take the time to put aside our assumptions and listen to each other's past experiences, we grow to understand one another better. This is true in our relationship with God as well. Everyone approaches God with assumptions (even if our assumption is that he doesn't exist!). In our class, His Story, we will attempt to set aside our assumptions and listen to the story God is telling us about himself and the world he created. As we seek to understand what God is like, we will find that we also grow in our understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us. Come join us as we spend 10 weeks learning the storyline of the Bible and discussing what we find hidden within its twists and turns.

Our Story

Since the earliest days of the church, people have identified themselves as Christians by affirming the truths declared in the Apostles Creed. Do you have questions about what Christians believe, and why they believe it? This 8 week course focuses on the foundational doctrine of the Christian church, taking a look at the core beliefs of Christianity as championed throughout history, and showing how these ancient truths are still relevant for us today.

Interested in joining a group? Contact Justin at for more information!