Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville, Ohio

There’s a new church in town in Westerville, Ohio. Story Presbyterian Church is a brand new church planted in a rich heritage of Presbyterian Churches of America. We’re so excited to be starting this new church in a city that we love. Westerville is home to some incredible culture and amazing people, and we hope that many of them will find a home at Story Presbyterian Church.

Our church is made up of many different people with such diverse backgrounds. At Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville, Ohio, anyone can discover their story. We’re all part of a divine narrative–a story of a Savior redeeming the earth. He re-creates each of us into the image of Him as we were first intended, and that process is much like a classic novel–filled with stunning victories and agonizing defeats.

Visit Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville, Ohio

We hope you’ll come to visit Story Presbyterian Church in Westerville, Ohio and see how God redeems your story. We look forward to being one of the guides on your journey. If you live in Westerville, please take time to plan a visit to Story Presbyterian Church and be sure to say hello to one of our team members.

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